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40 kinds of garden design concept of balcony design

Here small make up for what you said today the landscape design need to pay attention to those in the balcony, because the balcony design needs to be flower growth and pregnant bud flowering, carried out under the condition of a certain temperature, so the temperature of the balcony, by the discretion of the floor, the impact of the size of the balcony and balcony railings and ventilation.Balcony floor is taller more ventilated, criterion temperature is lower, the balcony is big, baluster is ventilated sparse good, temperature is lower also, otherwise conversely.Balconies are higher outside the building, the back is brick or cement walls, summer and autumn, during the day with strong sunlight, heat absorption, slow heat dissipation, evaporation, more drying heat and other characteristics;Arrive night to release heat of a large number of radiate gradually, make the balcony becomes sultry, if do not have wind to blow, more sultry afflictive.This hot and sultry environment at night violates the requirement of flowers that there is temperature difference between day and night, and the habit of cooler at night than in the day. Therefore, flowers will inevitably grow ill, and no flowers can stand it.For this balcony raises a flower, want to do cool down job well in summer, be fond of shade of Yin flowers to take certainly, be fond of Yang flowers to want to do ventilated job well, after these are done, your garden design is very good do.

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