Home Design

The most characteristic apartment home decoration design

If you’re interested in carpets, tapestries will suit you, and even fancy area rugs can be hung on the wall;Such large walls make the room look spacious.In fact, carpets are a great way to maximize space.In a small apartment, keep the furniture to a minimum and make the room feel comfortable with some bright, cheerful rugs to freshen it up.For those of us who have children’s area rugs, an added benefit is to limit the number of scraped knees and elbows, which are common when children play in limited Spaces.Multifunctional furniture, such as sofas, can be converted into beds at night or TV racks, and can also be used for storage purposes that are a real benefit for small Space apartment.You can do a lot with just a few pieces of furniture.In limited space, storage is always a problem, the best solution Just throw away everything you don’t need.However, for items that are not disposable, luggage offers a great storage solution Solution.A large box with a beautiful floral design makes a very attractive side table.

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