A super hot Bob will make you instantly feel no nostalgia for your current hairstyle

Shiny pearl-like shades are the most popular hair colors in 2019, and champagne long bob appears on the list of the most popular hairstyles in the upcoming seasons. It’s a bold change in your appearance, but the champagne shade range is wide to have the right tone for everyone from rich dark and light champagne shades to natural-looking balayage. Also, if you are a festive girl, you can easily give some pastel-hued highlights to your super shiny champagne long bob in the festival season

champagne long bob in the festival season If you are looking for a hairstyle that is both romantic and sassy on the A-list hair trends, the wavy shoulder-length bob is what you need right now. These charming waves will attract all the attention everywhere you go no matter it’s a special occasion or a going- out with your friends. Wavy shoulder-length bob is so fashionable that we are definitely going to see it on many celebrities and Instagrammers next year as well.

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